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Carbon Monoxide Detection

CO is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal. There are signs that you can look out for which indicate incomplete combustion is occurring and may result in the production of CO;

  •     Yellow or orange rather than blue flames (except fuel effect fires or flueless appliances which display this colour flame)
  •     Soot or yellow/brown staining around or on appliances
  •     Pilot lights that frequently blow out
  •     Increased condensation inside windows

Early symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can mimic many common ailments and may easily be confused with food poisoning, viral infections, flu or simple tiredness. Symptoms to look out for include:

  •     headaches or dizziness
  •     breathlessness
  •     nausea
  •     loss of consciousness
  •     tiredness
  •     pains in the chest or stomach
  •     erratic behaviour
  •     visual problems


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